Wisdom Cries Out

Surrounding you at this very moment is more truth than you can begin to imagine. Knowledge is hidden to the lost. Ignorance is bliss.

The Internet contains hundreds of millions of websites consisting of varying information about every subject known to man. No matter which direction people turn, information is forcing itself upon them. Man is clothed in opinions; all-knowing in their own minds. Turn around and be fooled, flip a coin and take a chance. Truth doesn't speculate. Truth is definite, never inconsistent.

The foundations of life are strategically fixed, but speak to your neighbor and obtain today's perspective of a changing world. The sun does not cease from shining, yet news comes and goes as seconds blur into minutes. New formats of the same old song repeat on a loop and they will sell their souls for it. Right and wrongs take turns leading the dance to a never ending melody.

Yes, no. Perhaps, maybe. A difference of infinity separates black and white from the void of grayness. The in between is the small intestine of death. Something is or is not, never leaving a possibility. Tolerance cannot be adjusted, the scales are accurate.

A story becomes a novel and the pages never end. Dig deep into your hole and find wisdom in the great symphony. The instruments are strung and the conductor waves the baton. Try the fire and clean your window so you can play your part before the big conclusion. The crowd is ready for more, they just can't get enough.

Wisdom cries out for you in all directions! The frequencies are infiltrating, some heroes with many villains. Dog eat dog and war is always eminent. The big ball spins, another day, another battle to be fought. Where is truth in wisdom? One is never fully prepared for unknown waters, yet water is always wet and heavy.

Wisdom doesn't change. People do.

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